Devils in danger

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yay! Paulo’s travel bug has made it here at long last. GCZ83E


Glasscoin Pre-orders #2 (closed)

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40 trackable turtle coins available for this pre-order.
The coin pictured is for reference only: approximately 1.2 inches square and 6mm thick; As they are handmade by various glass artists variations will occur in shape, size and colour. Air bubbles are an intrinsic part of the design but unpredictable. The colour in dichroic glass is irridescent and shifts between two colours depending on viewing angle – like an opal or peacock feather. front on blue dichroic glass/back on rainbow dichroic glass – colours will vary

*USD$15 – these are handmade in the USA
turtle2front2on rainbow dichroic glass - colours will vary
Postage costs in USD:
USA, 1:1.85, 2:2.50, 3:3.00, 4:3.65, 5:4.10, 6:4.75, 7:5.20, 8:5.80, 9:8.20, 10:8.45,,
Canada, 1:2.30, 2:3.10, 3:3.65, 4:4.40, 5:4.95, 6:6.20, 7:6.50, 8:6.80, 9:8.05, 10:8.35,,
All others, 1:3.10, 2:5.05, 3:6.15, 4:8.10, 5:9.25, 6:11.25, 7:11.55, 8:11.85, 9:13.85, 10:14.1

Proof coins

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Sample coins

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The samples were made – sent me some rubbish tiny photos, just enough to tell he is too much like a furry marshmallow to be done shiny like emu or platypus but he looks very cute in satin.

Needs a little more work around the head.

mint art – Wombat coin

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Here’s the final artwork for the Outback antique gold finish.
final wombat

Glasscoin necklace

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I made an untrackable geoturtle coin into a pendant to learn beadweaving. The pendant was sent to ann.and.eli as a prize for making a beautiful glassie icon !
turtle necklaceIMGP6153turtle necklace back
Netted cabochon made with size 11 silver lined transparent royal blue and size 8-ish opaque blue Iris glass seed beads on crystal fireline.
Bail made of size 11 silver lined royal blue, size 13-ish deep blue silver lined glass seed beads and size 11 metallic green delicas on NymoD.

There are 13 size 8 beads in the first ring ( i tried 14 but it was too big ) and the back uses only 4 beads in the second last row so you have to thread the final row through the second bead, not the third.

Afraid it is an ‘apprentice’ piece – I did need littlest feral to thread the needle and help me get it right! + I just couldn’t manage to make the bail with that pattern above possibly because the beads were not the ultra regular japanese ones so I used this tubular peyote pattern bail instead.
There are 14 size 11 beads in the starting loop of the bail. The second row on both sides of this is slightly smaller dark blue and finally size 11 green delicas finish the outer rings.

Duplicate page CLOSED

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sorry duplicate page- comments moved over to here


Christmas recipes 2008 Cointest

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Cointest by 57Chevy
2007 Geocoin Collectors’ Christmas Recipes

Click on the links below to assemble a printable recipe booklet of the 2008 Cointest entries. HIghlights include chocolate cake in a mug and Lori-darlin’s hysterical recipe for too much cheer.
title page:




food allergies are common – tips for hosting a worry free feast