What colour LIPS do you want?

I think red is hot pick but we can’t all have it – shall we let the newbiest or person with smallest collection go first pick?
If red is THE colour then there is an option to do one glitter and one plain red (under epoxy so it’s still glossy) and reverse the paint on the text – glitter with plain and plain with glitter. Anyone for gold or rum raisin or absinthe green transparent enamel with glitter? I wonder if there is a rainbow glitter with white option? there is a more expensive colour change enamel but the stuff is toxic to use so only some mints run with it.
There is no point minting a colour no one likes – you won’t be able to trade it – would a glow in the dark set of lips or jeep work???


~ by forthferalz on September 28, 2006.

3 Responses to “What colour LIPS do you want?”

  1. Are we going to only do colors based off the Jeep site? I would think we would be able to pick any color from the Pantone Matchng System charts. Howmany different colors is the mint willing to do for us?

  2. You can have any colour the mint has but the idea of the ‘set’ is one colour per cacher you know like you are the blue Wiggle …. the number is to keep the thing a bit exclusive not to mention manageable so i thought four or five a good number. Rusty and I discussed 4-5. I’m waiting pricing before committing more time to artwork.

  3. Rusty can help us find a panetone colour chart online but your BEST option is to go to an art store or printers and have a look at their charts and note down the number of the colour you like. Another cheat is to get a coin you like and source the artwork it is based on. Using the panatone chart is very important as the colours on our monitors will be misleading

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