5 Jeeps geocoin


Personal coin of Damenace (blue), GPX Navigators (yellow), Glennk721 (glo white), Julieinga (green) & Forthferalz (red). This is a trade only coin and Not For Resale

edit: to be clear – The coins DON’T come in sets – they are personal coins and each person has a diferent colour  and different  trade lists.

Please contact each cacher individually through geocaching.com to arrange trades
Some may not be accepting trades at this time as the holiday season approaches.

The mint is personalcoins.com
edition is limited 125 coins

1.75″ coins – 3.5mm thickness – shiny black nickel – imitation hard enamel both sides – laser engraved tracking number, trackable at geocaching.com – plain area for personal engraving on front


White jeep


~ by forthferalz on September 30, 2006.

11 Responses to “5 Jeeps geocoin”

  1. I would love to trade for the whole set

  2. I would like to trade for one or more of the colors….I have my personal coin in two metals for trade. My coin has my Jeep Liberty on both the front and back! Any interest, please let me know and I’ll ship right out!!

    Rockin Roddy

  3. Are you selling this coin? Let me know how the price. I may need 2 of them.
    Thank you!
    Jim and Cheryl Simpson

  4. Great idea and beautiful geocoins!
    Hope for an personal trade, I like the green one! 😉

    Best Regards
    Andreas (HerrK

  5. I would really like to get a a set of 5 coins.
    I have a LE set of my engraved CoinFusion coins that I could trade for them.


    Gary Burgan/Indy Diver

  6. Your coins look great, what a wonderful Idea. Would love to trade for one.

  7. Will trade personal in three metals and /or from list, For equal number of coins.

  8. Big thanks to everyone for the nice comments and of course trade offers! I will try to make sure you all recieve a personal reply -appologies in advance if I miss anyone out 😦

    to be clear – The coins DON”T come in sets – they are personal coins and each person has a diferent colour and different trade lists. I’m looking for harry potter coin and stellarscapes top of my list.

  9. I am betting this will be a very tough set to get filled. Making a suitable trade with five different cachers, there’s the challenge! Here’s for hoping! Glen

  10. Well I can’t seem to to get an answer to any messages I have sent out.

    Wonder why?

    Cache On!
    Inst Sucwe

  11. I think I have sealed the last deal! All five coins, that is awesome! Wahoo! Glen

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