Devils in Danger Game Rules

Here they are as they stand at the moment for comment. Rules may be amended slightly in first week if there are any anomolies or major difficulties encountered – such as in the case of being unable to find a partner it may be widened to “other state”.

Sign on here – whole site goes live on start date 10 NOV 2006
Home Page
The Tasmanian Devil is in Danger – not Dangerous!

Forthferalz conceived this game to promote some fun exchanges with people around the world. We share this wonderful planet with some extraodinary creatures like the tassie devil. Commonly misrepresented as a fearsome carnivore, this shy nocturnal carrion eater is actually a janitor, cleaning up the inevitable events we’d rather not and more in danger from being run over by a car than causing harm to any wandering geocacher. Together we will help and learn so much from this animal.

You are required to join if you wish to participate. You can do this by signing up in Members Services. You are then required to join the individual game by clicking on Join This Game on the main page of the game you wish to participate in. You are not required to join the game if you only want to observe the ladder.

Each OR account may enter only once and participants must sign up using their caching handle. Geocaching accounts must be created before the start of the game.

Participants must pair up with cachers from another country. Please subscribe to the GC forum thread to help you find a partner and watch for game updates, ask for/give help. There will be prizes of a pair of trackable geocoins for 3-5 winning teams (depending on entry numbers) and a consolation prize draw for an untrackable geocoin for those participants whose team members fail to complete.
Winners will be chosen randomly at the conclusion of the game.
Enjoy the game.

Game Requirements Page

This game has 2 very simple requirements.

There are no points, it is not a longwinded TB race, not a boots and hike race or even a devilish puzzle to solve.

1. To go into the prize draw you are required to complete a single cache related challenge involving a minimum of two cachers, one of them obviously, being yourself. The trick is that you have to team up with someone in another counry to complete the challenge.

The single cache related challenge can be anything. You might both set off TB’s with the same mission, post a funny photo log wearing antlers, find the oldest / hightest cache in your areas, go to or host an event with the same theme, move a jeep TB, whatever. I encourage you to be creative. Please tell me what the challenge was in the note when you claim against the cache.

2. Your additional requirement is to raise awareness of the plight of the Tasmanian Devil through whatever means you like and share your efforts as a note on the Devils in Danger cache GCZ83E . You can move this special travel bug TBHW91, leave an information flyer at a Starbucks and post the coordinates to the cache – be creative and feel free to use anything on the information page.

When you and your partner have completed the challenges the computere will generate a number for you – the number of your prizedraw ticket. I’ve yet to arrange the ‘celebrity’ who will draw the winner. Best of luck!

About Tassie Devils Page

The Tasmanian Devil is in Danger – not Dangerous!
The Tasmanian Devil is the symbol of the Tasmanian National Parks and Wildlife Service. Tasmanian devils became extinct on mainland Australia for 600 years. The Devil Facial Tumour Disease, is having a devastating effect on the Tasmanian devil population which had recovered from population decline in the 1940’s when it was feared the animal would follow the thylacine into extinction. The Tasmanian Devil is now listed as vulnerable in Tasmania.

It has been over ten years since the facial tumour disease was discovered in the Tasmanian Devil. Since then ground breaking research has almost certainly established that the disease is a cancerous cell line transmitted by allograft – that is by a bite from a diseased devil leads to the tumour directly invading the second animal without being destroyed by the immune system. Devils commonly give and receive bites during mating and feeding.

Devils only live for about 5 years in the wild and raise few young to maturity. Hopes rest on maintaining breeding populations isolated from the infectious wild population and urgent research. Once used to isolate convicts and not naturally home to the tassie devil, Maria island on Tasmania’s east coast, is being used to isolate an off show wild insurance population. The Trowunna Wildlife Park, Mole Creek Tasmania breeding population has recently become infected although the 2 devils sent from there to Denmark are believed to be disease free. Other facilities around the state remain disease free and Australia Zoo maintains a disease free priority breeding program on the mainland.

Several government and independant initiatives are in place to prevent the disease from wiping out the Tasmanian Devil population. Last year about 26 juvenile devils were taken into captivity from all the last remaining disease-free areas in the state, to capture the genetic diversity across the state.

For more information and if you would like to donate to critical research, please visit the following link, a foundation setup by the University of Tasmania –

They need our help



~ by forthferalz on November 7, 2006.

2 Responses to “Devils in Danger Game Rules”

  1. Thank you for some excellent devil links.

    Below is a link to a page I have written, talking also of the plight of devils, together with some of my photos of healthy devils.

    There is much more than meets the eye, including mainland devil populations, cancer resistant mice and diseases that affect tasmanian platypus populations, but not mainland platypus. Can all of these separate pieces of information lead to further avenues of research?

    Be sure to check out the “links to related information” at left – or search for “platypus” on the site to learn more.

  2. PodCacher Show 78.0: Stargate TB Caches, Interview with GeoBootleg. Links mentioned in the show: Flat Stanley visits Sonny & Sandy in San Diego Shed A Little Light – a Sonny Tribute Cache by xpunkx & Julez Podcacher Treasure Cache Devils in Danger – a worldwide cooperative geocaching game by Forthferalz (read more at her blog) Bar None – puzzle cache by Green Achers

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