A Sydney Stroll

A Sydney Stroll

Solving a series of online cryptexes should lead to someone being able to solve where this couple is standing and give coordinates – closest to my estimate wins Hogwildstuff.org Sydney Geocoin. Log with photo at coords with GPS wins shaped geocoin. I’ll post a link to a cryptex here every few days leading up to new year unless my internet breaks down.
here is the first clue:
This poem refers to something on the coin celebrating its Diamond Anniversary in 2007.

Keep your answers – you will need them to form the final password
Yes you can use google earth or some other mapping program if you like 🙂
No you can’t just send me coords-you need the final password as well.
Only one guess per cacher nickname registered before game start date allowed
Random draw in event of a tie
Closing date is start of sales ( yet to be announced) for Sydney geocoin


~ by forthferalz on December 14, 2006.

6 Responses to “A Sydney Stroll”

  1. Easy, wheres the next cryptex?

  2. Hey mon, got all four of them correct so far. When is the last one coming out? Thanks.

  3. Okay, I figured that one out, but will need to read through to find out what to do with the info I’ve got. Should be fun!

  4. Got it!

  5. Til new years eh? I’m guessing there are a few more cryptexes to do yet.

  6. Alright ready for the next clue

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