Devils in Danger – game over

well I hope it’s not Game Over for the Tasmanian Devil. Thanks to everyone who signed up and Congratulations to those who manage to wade through to the finish – you should all have your certificates by email. did.jpg
Devils Game website
Aussie cacher Robtas ( owner of the orignal Devil travelbug ) has drawn the winners for us today – you had greater than a one in three chance of winning btw 🙂

1. Tooey and caughtatwork ! A gold compass rose each (courtesy of Eric at USA coins even though he don’t know it yet, who shipped me an extra pair above the replacements for some scratched ones)
2. Traveling Viking and Not so Lost Puppies – A burgundy Lips coin each – these are my babies, pinky red glitter and a trade only item courtesy of Rusty at personalcoins who also don’t know it – GCC shipped me extra above the number they contracted to pay me for the design
3. Parents of Sam and Wutzebear – A gold Sydney koala each – Steve of Hogwildstuff also sent me extras for helping with a design!
4. Ladybug kids and Bargao_Henriques – another final set of my kissy lips to these cachers. Shame – I have finally found my camera and just busted the card reader by not ejecting it properly or I’d post photos – anyone with tech advice please pm 😦
Anyhow all the best to you all, and your travel bugs – happy caching


~ by forthferalz on February 10, 2007.

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