Design for Ellandel CAP series

Ellandel Caching Around the Planet #4


Ellandel’s personal geocoins project is about global geocaching, and as a peaceful world with multicultural appreciation is dear to my family it was a joy to be invited to be part of this. The production artwork and obverse is by Ron de Haan, who created the marvellous Elchrich and Saffier and Stekelsteefe designs so I was doubly thrilled.

The Dreaming Tracks of the Rainbow Serpents, the ancestral creators of watercourses, the givers of life are one of the few shared by all Aboriginal communities across the many landscapes of Australia. The rainbow snake is also a creature found in other cultures and is a most appropriate symbol of multiculturalism. My interpretation was inspired by the artwork of modern children and the image of a spiral galaxy. The design does not relate to a specific Dreaming story. There are numerous other sources of inspiration for the design mechanics including the wonderful compass rose 2006 by a favourite of both Luc and myself.

here is the first sketch –


I have been interested in indigenous star lore for many years. The dark spaces the stars define in the Milky Way are ‘dark constellations’ and are no less important than the


bright ones. When you see this coin in the dark the snake will be seen like a shadow. The dots are a modern aboriginal artistic device used to obscure meaning that cannot be shared publically, and also a symbol in modern charts to show magnitude of brightness. (There is a dark a snake in the sky but it is not coiled and belongs to a south american culture – the largest Aboriginal dark constellation is “the Emu in the Sky”)


Small children are one of the major sources of feed back for me with their clear sighted good hearts they respond without agenda! In primary schools across australia and the world Australian aboriginal studies including artwork is taught
Alas – I have grown up and I cannot draw as well as a child – it is lost and my own children refuse to do more than offer their criticisms ( they are being very helpful in that respect though – they didn’t like my stars and wanted it to look like their own dotty/patterned pictures 🙂



The front of this coin was designed in three pallets of colours to represent opals of different kinds, a spectacular gemstone that I think captures the bright colours of australia. Opal is merely silicon, one of the most common elements on earth and the main component of sand but its unique microbead structure refracts white light creating a rainbow.

The single colour pallet Luc chose for initial poduction was the “koroit” opal. It is opal embedded in a significant amount of mudstone. Opaque earthy pink and ochre provide the perfect setting for the magical irridescent colours of the opal, like the magic of the spririt world interacting with things of earth. The irridescent blue of the Ulysses wings is created by the same method of light refraction by the nanostructure of the scales of the buterfly.


more about koroit opals




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