A brief history of the 21st century

A brief history of the 21st century

“By the middle decades of this century the global energy crisis was averted by the discovery of nuclear fusion, and Humanity also took it’s first tentative steps towards colonising the solar system, but the real start of the Interstellar Space Age would have to wait until the dawning of the 22nd Century.”[1]

Dec. 2006 CE: NASA announces US plans to begin colonising space funded by sales of mission patch geocoins, donated geofairy and Indy Diver v1 geocoins

Dec 2007 CE: Dr. Love takes first geocoin into orbit CRAKE astrolabe geocoin TB16CKV

2021 CE: first geocache on the Moon. Tasmanian caching legend Robtas places his 1000th fruit jar cache GMA1 at south lunar pole; colonists begin mining tritium.

2098 CE: First Contact
During construction of the Trans-Lunar Express, a high-speed monorail system connecting the major lunar colony sites, Commander James T. Rutter and Lt. Michael D. Rutter while exploring Mare Humorum [2] gm3e.jpg

disturb a Flying Spaghetti Monster on her lunar geocaching holiday. They exchange geocoins – a full set of antique 2006 black nickel jeeps and 195 2008 Australian Legend geocoins, which their grandmother had failed to sell and they were about to recast as radiation shielding for their TLE outpost, for 200 iridium FSM geocoins.fsm1.jpg

2099 CE: 198 iridium FSM geocoins activated and travel to caches on Earth, Moon and Mars.
Pastafarianism becomes the dominant religion on Earth and her colonies. People ask themselves WWFSMD? War and inter-personal conflict are a thing of the past. Interstellar trade in geocoins begins.

3000 CE: Muggles discover FSM geocoins
Interstellar trade expands to non geocaching related items. Spaghetti Bolognese becomes main export earner for Earth. FSM geocoins adopted by the United Earth Federation (UEF) as human currency promoting “fair trade” or “trade up” – all countries have the same living standards and earn 20,000 geocoins including one Moun10bike v201 per capita annually. Poverty is finally history.

[1] http://www.cthulhurising.co.uk/timeline.php



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