The scientific age

late C17th to present the Scientist gains Liberty of Action after generations of terrifying ecclesiatical Oppression and Persecution [1]

1687 Theory of gravity removes last doubts about heliocentrism. Struck by a Pyallup Apple geocoin which had made it’s way, untrackabley so we’ll never know how, into a badly repositioned cache overhead, Isaac Newton formulates his theory of gravity. Publishes Principia Mathematica without being burned at the stake for heresy.


4 June 1783 After much experimentation with heavier than air geocoins, including paper cored with metal – Ettienne Montgolfier, the more sober of the pair, suggests to his brother Joseph, the flighty one, that they abandon the ‘flat coin’ stipulation and inflate taffeta geocoins with some of the ‘hot air’ from Joseph’s legendary bad jokes, also called ‘levity’ or ‘avroair’. [2] Thus the Montgolfier brother’s successfully defy gravity and launch the first balloon racers.avroair.jpg




~ by forthferalz on October 21, 2007.

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  1. HI
    I am interested in the Aussie 2008 geocoin – how do I get a password to view please? I’m a fairly new goecacher and would like to buy the Aussie geocoins, so was searching the forum to find out how to be ready when the next one comes out. This is where I ended up.
    Thanks a lot. Map Monkey recently gave me a 2007 coin and I was very impressed.


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