Australia 2008 Geocoin artwork

Shiny nickel and gold with transparent hard enamel. NB silver is not bimetallic this year.
The Gold plated version is in the national colours and the only version produced for general sale at this point. 10 silver plated coins have been made for Cachinggames prizes and the silver version below is intended as a bulk sale ‘cache only’ version.

Gold coin production artwork

Click here for sample photos and ordering
gold front

~ by forthferalz on February 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “Australia 2008 Geocoin artwork”

  1. looks great!!

  2. So, does this mean that I could get 3 sets of coins with different engraving on them like “Swampy caching”, “AnaSwamp” and “RomanSwamp”?

    Or is it a generic engraving that is put on all the coins?

  3. Very nice! we would like some engraving with that please!!!

  4. Looking forward to paying before I go away Sunday morning.
    edit: ok sent you link to be guineapig! bon voyage 🙂

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