Glasscoin Pre-orders #2 (closed)

40 trackable turtle coins available for this pre-order.
The coin pictured is for reference only: approximately 1.2 inches square and 6mm thick; As they are handmade by various glass artists variations will occur in shape, size and colour. Air bubbles are an intrinsic part of the design but unpredictable. The colour in dichroic glass is irridescent and shifts between two colours depending on viewing angle – like an opal or peacock feather. front on blue dichroic glass/back on rainbow dichroic glass – colours will vary

*USD$15 – these are handmade in the USA
turtle2front2on rainbow dichroic glass - colours will vary
Postage costs in USD:
USA, 1:1.85, 2:2.50, 3:3.00, 4:3.65, 5:4.10, 6:4.75, 7:5.20, 8:5.80, 9:8.20, 10:8.45,,
Canada, 1:2.30, 2:3.10, 3:3.65, 4:4.40, 5:4.95, 6:6.20, 7:6.50, 8:6.80, 9:8.05, 10:8.35,,
All others, 1:3.10, 2:5.05, 3:6.15, 4:8.10, 5:9.25, 6:11.25, 7:11.55, 8:11.85, 9:13.85, 10:14.1


~ by forthferalz on November 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Glasscoin Pre-orders #2 (closed)”

  1. Waaah! Did I already miss out the first pre-order? I’d love to get two of the trackable coins!
    If the lizard will be made too, I’ll take two of them, too!
    Great work!

  2. Hi these coins are fab…is it too late to order..would love two of each trackable

  3. Hi, I’d like to order 2 please!

  4. I’ve just choked #2 orders off at the moment as someone has managed to ship the entire first order etched backwards! So I only have enough ordered to fill what’s invoiced on #1 while I send those others back ( Actually I’m really not sure I want to get them remade with her because it was such a noob type error and she’s supposedly got 25 years experience. The stress is a bit much – have never seen a 100% error made before!)

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