Glasscoin Order #1/2 (mailed)

These orders have been delivered and are now completed. Pre-orders continue on page #3.

Do not pre-order unless you are committed to purchasing at USD$15 per coin plus shipping and handling as your order will be used to calculate final sale price and limits. Orders from people who have previously defaulted will not be accepted.
Please place your caching name below and use a valid email address to be contacted. There is no payment required at this time unless you wish to order a track/untrackable set (made to order: immediate non refundable payment required.)


The coins pictured are for reference only: shown approximately life size, 1.2 inches square and 6mm thick; the glass is blue dichroic fully kiln annealed. It will have it’s own icon if all coins are sold otherwise be tracked on with the generic icon. PC prefix (not AU as shown).

Dichroic ie. two colour, glass has a special coating which ‘shifts light’ between two colours. The glass for the turtle used is pink/teal or magenta/blue; it’s not a misnomer but in the hand you do not see pink unless the glass is transparent – on black you see an irridescence from turquiose to peacock blue. The glass used for the tracking side will vary. At this time the lizard design is only available as an untrackable and cannot be ordered yet.

As they are handmade by various glass artists variations will occur in shape, size and colour. Air bubbles are an intrinsic part of the design but unpredictable.

How tough are they? Think of your playing marbles or a thick drinking glass. If you intend to release your purchase I would suggest also providing a plastic coin flip or upgrading the bag to a velvet pouch.

*USD$15 – these are handmade in the USA everything bar the bag but even that comes from a US supplier.
*If 100 coins sell we get an icon.
*LE Capping this design at 150 trackables on this blue dichroic glass and maximum of a 150 untrackables.
*If you would like to order a track/untrackable set the price is USD$25 +p/h fully prepaid and non refundable*. send money by paypal to:seachange_au@netspace.comThere will be an unspecified delay on mailing the set as the untrackables will be made up only to order.
*In the event of a mint no show on the untrackable, the trackable alone will be sent and the $10+ any postage difference refunded. Orders for sets will take priority over unpaid bookings.

There are 40 only for this pre-order currently in produuction; no guarantees of any future orders/designs. Successful bookings will receive a confirmation e-ticket. Purchasers of this turtle design will be notified in advance of any others and have pre-sale access.

You will not be invoiced until the coins are made. You will have 5 days to pay from invoicing after which a defaulters list will be posted to this thread. (I would like the option of decreasing the price and offering an untrackable so as the final pricing will be based on the number of actual orders so DO NOT preorder unless you are committed )

Postage estimated costs in USD:
USA, 1:1.85, 2:2.50, 3:3.00, 4:3.65, 5:4.10, 6:4.75, 7:5.20, 8:5.80, 9:8.20, 10:8.45,,
Canada, 1:2.30, 2:3.10, 3:3.65, 4:4.40, 5:4.95, 6:6.20, 7:6.50, 8:6.80, 9:8.05, 10:8.35,,
All others, 1:3.10, 2:5.05, 3:6.15, 4:8.10, 5:9.25, 6:11.25, 7:11.55, 8:11.85, 9:13.85, 10:14.15,,


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19 Responses to “Glasscoin Order #1/2 (mailed)”

  1. They look fantastic. I’d like to pre-order 2 of these please.

  2. I would be interested in two (2) trackable coins, please.

    How many designs? Just the turtle or the lizard too?

    Thank you, CF30

  3. I am sending you a payment of $27.50 through paypal for the ‘set’ of trackable/non-trackable turtle coins as stated above. Please notify me when the lizard coin goes on sale as I really want a set of those as well.
    Thank you,
    Wanna Ekleberry

  4. Hi – they look great – awesome job putting this all together!

    I’d like 3 coins.


  5. Hi Carolyn,

    I would like to buy 4 of your coins please and thank you!!

    Lori aka LoriDarlin

  6. I’m sooooo confused.
    I think I want 10 of the 40.
    So am I reading this right. If I order a set, T/N-T, I pay now??
    I may want a set, but I’m soooo c o n f u s e d.

  7. Hi,

    I may be making a meal of reading the above listing, but are there two colours available in the trackable coins ?

    Anyway, I would like two of each colour that is trackable.

    Please contact me to clarify this if you have any doubt.

    Albida – Ralph

  8. Hi I will order one trackable

  9. Hi Carolyn, I will have 2 thanks. They look awesome and will add to my small but growing collection.

  10. Hi Carolyn put me down for 3 thanks.

  11. Hi
    they look great. Are there two patterns? If so then please put me down for one of each

  12. please 3 additional ones
    (i already preordered for some at a very early stage which is payed for)


  13. All orders above have been processed. many thanks – total is 34/40
    6 remaining before this pre-order closes. There will be another tread for the next pre-order as soon as i have a sample picture of the back.

  14. Hi,

    they look great. I’d like to order two trackable coins please.



  15. They look very nice, we already pre ordered/paid for a trackable/non trackable set. We like to order 1 set of each color (magenta/blue the other pink/teal) We like one trurtle and one lizard if possible.
    This is been so much watching the updates on these. Be more exciting to see these in hand.
    Best Regards
    Barry and Valarie of sweetlife

  16. Hi, please put us down for one, thanks!

  17. Nice work.

    I would like 2 trackables please.

  18. I would like to pre-order 2 of these trackable glass geocoins, please.

    The Blorenges (UK)

  19. Thank you – limit filled. Pre-order paused. Will resume on page #2 shortly. (please do not post any requests to this page).

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