2009 Wombat

Artwork finalised and proofcoins are on the way. The invoices are being sent out – hurry them back if you want the free custom engraving!
final wombat
I’ve made a formal 2009 Australia Geocoin pre-sale order form to collect your details and custom engraving via googledocs – For brave aussies who are confident the coin will look ok (backside as same as last year but with 2009 wombat on the front) latest news http://forum.geocaching.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=11124&p=141256&e=141256

sepia wombat
Artwork based on image licensed from Tom Dempsey
If you like wombats please take a moment to visit http://www.wombatprotection.org.au/

* 1.75 inches, trackable, icon, custom engraving option on back
* big smoke edition: gold plate with translucent hard enamel
* outback edition: antique bronze with soft enamel (aussies only)

Delivery will be from australia for domestic sales, registered post same as last year. International sales / late sales will be done through cointracking.com and will not include custom engraving.

pre-order mailing list now stands around 300 ish coins and there is a placeholder for trading lists at cointracking.com

Price looks to be USD $9.50 per coin – bad news regarding customs.
Please check the day’s conversion rate at ANZ and don’t forget paypal and credit cards charge conversion fees on top of that (although now I have laid aside a USD credit card so i can offer charging in AUD and you can use internet banking.)

All comments are moderated.


68 Responses to “2009 Wombat”

  1. Team Wibble will take at least one of each finish (probably two of the big smoke finish)

  2. Hi Forthferalz, can I please up my order to 3 of each finish.

    Pete aka Bewilderbeest

  3. Cheesy Pigs would like 4 please 🙂

    Thanks Carolyn – yet another marvellous coin. Well done 🙂

  4. I’ll take 2. Thanks for creating another coin this year.
    Cheers, listmaker

  5. Hi forthferalz – I would like to get 3 x gold and 7 x antique bronze (if the price works out a bit cheaper, then I’d probably want a couple extra).

  6. Hi, great to have found this pre-order page.

    I would love to take 2 of each flavour for a total of 4 coins.

    Thanks again for all your help.

  7. I’ll have 2 of each please and thanks heaps for the effort forthferalz.


  8. It would be just plain UnAustralian if I did not add in my order 🙂
    6 Coins three of each finish if thats not over any limits set.


  9. Hello,
    I would like 1 of each please. Looks wonderful.
    thanks, Mundoo

  10. Snuva would like 6 please.

  11. I would like 2 of each please 🙂

  12. Thanks for all your work – yet again a great coin!
    I’ll order 4 gold big smoke and 7 antique bronze outback thanks.

  13. Carolyn, you can put Crew 153 down for 4 outback edition coins thanks.

  14. I’ll Take two in gold. just let me know when it’s time to pay & im there.
    Does it cost any more for the custom engraving?
    Thaknk you.

    Rob(AKA Rigger64

  15. I’ll take 2-4, depending on finishes are available

  16. G’day

    I’ll take one of each please.

    Good work,

  17. I’d like two in gold please!


  18. Carolyn I’ll take 3 please.

  19. May I have 2 big smoke and 3 outback please,

  20. Looking good! Sorry I didn’t leave any numbers in the forum! I will have 3 of each finish please. 2 of each finish engraved with crane2 and one of each finish engraved fairy penguins if that makes sense? (one set is a gift for my sister) Thanks again for another great looking coin!

  21. Hi forthferalz,
    Can we up our order to 6 coins please. 3 of each finish.
    Thanks McAdies

  22. Thanks Ferals for orgaising this. We’re chaniging our “some” to 3 x Big Smoke and 1 x Outback please.

  23. 1 Gold and 3 Bronze, please. Sunshine Toledo

  24. * big smoke edition: 5
    * outback edition: 2

    Engraving – Albida

    Thanks. Albida.

  25. We will have 3, 2 Outback and one big smoke please. The Morris

  26. Hi Guys,
    I notice we didn’t commit to a number but we will take 5 of the Big Smoke and 5 of the Outback coins. Superb job on the artwork, they keep getting better and better each year.

  27. After realizing that there are two finishes, I’ll get 5 in gold, 2 in outback finish

  28. Hi Forthferalz, my order for 2 coins should be 1 of each big smoke and out back

    Thanks fuddley

  29. Hi guys,
    Macandrita would like to increase our order to 2 of each. Thanks

  30. Carolyn, Looking good! We’ll take 3 of each finish please
    Peter (Facitman)

  31. Hi, just updating my EOI could i please order 2 X Big Smoke Gold and 2 X Outback antique bronze (4 coins total). Thanks for all your efforts organising this coin.

  32. Hi Forthferalz, Can you please up my order from 2, to 2 x Big Smoke and 2 x Outback (I didn’t realise there were two types – Duhhh!)

    Thanks Ozibags

  33. I would like to have 3 of each finish please!

  34. Can I up my order to 4 of each finish please. 8 coins total.

  35. Thank you forthferalz.
    just that was thinking of getting my name on them & was just wondering if it cost any more but it doesn’t so might just have to do it.
    Thank you

  36. Looks fantastic. I would like 1 gold & 1 outback edition.
    Thanks Martin aks GetOutdoorsOz

  37. Provided that “… Down Under” comes out on top (re: your poll on the GCA forum – looking good so far, at 90%), I would like to order seven (7) of the Big Smoke and two (2) of the Outback editions, for a total of nine (9) luscious Aussie 2009 geocoins 😉

  38. Yes please!
    Put me down for 1 of each for now, may take some more later.

  39. I regret to say my husband has limited my order to 6 now. Can I get three of each finish please?
    Thanks for all the hard work you put into these!

  40. I’d like to increase my order to 4 (two of each finish), though may add to it later; just let me know when the deadline is.

  41. Hi – Please put me down for 3. I will have to find a trade for the outback edition.

    keewee (Craig)

  42. Hi! I’d like 2 coins for foreigners 🙂 I’m up above in Holland.

  43. I have said 5 but make it 5 of each please.

  44. We will take two
    Will and Sue

  45. i will take 2

  46. Hi Carolyn. I’d like to up my order to four please (two of each finish)

  47. Adrian Mc would like two coins please.

  48. HI

    can I have 4 please when they are avaiable
    Team nibbler

  49. Put the Spindoctors down for 3 coins.

  50. Hi, can you put me down for 2: 1 outback and 1 big smoke coins thanks. angermanagement.

  51. Another great looking coin – as expected. Like to order the following please:
    2 x Big Smoke
    4 x Outback


  52. any news on how Australia 2009 is progressing?

  53. Hi Carolyn, we would like to update our interest now there is information on the finishs available. We are on the list (under our GCA name of andiamo) for 5 coins. We would like to purchase 4 x Big Smoke and 4 x Outback.

    Thank you for your efforts in progressing the coins.

    Just a Trifle

  54. 3 for me, please when they are ready.
    Sunshine Toledo

  55. Hi, Can you change the Swaggies order to 2 x big smoke and 1 x outback, thanks.

  56. Can we please have:
    1 x big smoke edition
    1 x outback edition
    These look great

  57. Hey, I Loved your coins last year and I would also like to put my name down for one of each sort.
    I know you must be busy but there are not any new posts for a while on the new Coin. Is there any new news? Or have things just slowed down for a while?
    Thanks From Jeremy

  58. Can you put me down for 2 please Being os so I hope we are not to late

  59. Can you put the Rats down for one coin please.

  60. Looking good. Wouuld be interested in:
    2x Outback
    2x Big Smoke


  61. I’d like to get one. I’m fairly new at buying coins so I’m not sure when to do what, hope I can get one

  62. Great coin. Would like one in Old Smoke and one in Gold. Would also take one in Outback, but we’re just aussie wannabees. Thanks.

  63. Very cool looking coin! ScottieScouts would like 2 please.

  64. HI Have been on hols for a couple of weeks
    i put in a requeste for 4 for team nibblere on 13.07.2009.
    has there been any invoicimng as yet ?

  65. yay coins delivered and mailed out! check cointracking.com for trading lists. total mint run now capped so they are both LE.

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