Australian Odyssey – a game

A journey around Australia’s wild places starting in my home state.

As you solve each page you will need to save the code and numbers from the password to solve the last page for caches which are hidden around Australia.  So solving Clue 1 leads to Clue 2 which leads to Clue 3 etc…



Lake Pedder – A Tasmanian Icon for all the wrong reasons now. The “New” Lake Pedder still looks magnificent especially from a distance where you can’t see the bleached skirt of drowned trees. Photos

Password to Clue 2 is a word and two digit number wordX # where:

word = (lowercase!) What colour was the beach here before it was drowned?

X = Count the letters in that word

# = How many animals were made extinct by that event?

HINT: use the links in this post! Enjoy the Odyssey.




A special geocoin was awarded to homedg who reached the final page before the release of the Australia 2007 geocoin (selected by random draw)



8 Responses to “Australian Odyssey – a game”

  1. contact me by leaving a comment if you want to be a cache hider!

  2. We are happy to hide a cache or two around our side of the county.

  3. Hi Carolyn, I’d suggest several changes. Firstly, split the first paragraph into 2. The first line should be on it’s own I think. In the second sentence you have “…will be hopefully be hidden…”, one of the ‘be’s is surplus. “New” in the second paragraph should probably be in quotes. Otherwise it is all good. Can you put a picture of the lake on this page?

  4. Thanks Craig – have you got through to the second page yet? No photo – i haven’t found a freebie so there is a pink link to some really nice ones – google images will trhow up some stunners too.

  5. I can help by hiding a cache her in Canada.

  6. Cool! we are off to Canada on Thursday.

  7. Wow an Australian game that I can play online 🙂 Just what I need to keep me from cleaning the house tonight! LOL

    I also would love to hide a cache for anyone over there from the Land Down Under…I have tons of TB’s and coins in Aussie 🙂 I hope to live there someday…maybe get to live next to Jon Farris the drummer of INXS lol



  8. I Don’t Get it. It sounds fun. What if I want to hide a cacheto help? Do I need to have the geocoins? I want to help!

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