Geocoin passports

Customisable travel documents for geocoins left in caches as trades or travelers. Click on the pictures for full size and print onto light card stock. Download the MS word .doc files if you want to personalise them a bit more before printing.

3 generic sizes – small/large for standard double sided coin flips or small ziploc to accompany acrylic boxed coins or those in single flips. Be sure to retrieve and supply the activation code with your trade coins! Customised versions for USA 2006/australia 2007/2008/WDD coins/Ellandel series



large size


emu doc

Australia 2008 au-emu-geocoin-insert-editable.doc
Australia 07 . Fits small ziplock. AU-coin-insert-single.doc

Geocaching around the planet aka GAP or Ellandel series
this doc for the others in the series. Design for Australia shown cause i did the artwork for the front (contributed to Singapre by Ronde Haan and Malaysia which Cinema boxers finished off ).


USA Geocoin usageocoin-insert-editable.doc
USA coin insert

Generic ziplock size ziploc-coin-insert.doc


3 Responses to “Geocoin passports”

  1. Very cool. Just what I’m looking for. Thanks!!!

  2. What a great idea. I’ll have to come back and borrow one soon. Thanks.

  3. I love these! All of my geocoins have one and I give them to the coins I move along, too.

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