Geoturtle Glass Geocoin pre-order #3

UPDATE: Sold out – thank you to everyone who ordered. You all helped to push this project forward. Due to MAJOR obstacles (the specific blue glass in short supply and the studio moving locations) only 3/4 orders are invoiced – of which 1/3 still await manufacture and shipping. Final quarter will not be invoiced till then and the icon not ordered until all orders are completed.
Icon cointest winner ann.and.eli :

  • Design by Forthferalz based on the Leatherman Variant geocaching symbol and made in Pennsylvania, USA by M Sotherden Artglass Studio.
  • Trackable on
  • Made of space age kiln fused dichroic glass and properly annealed for strength. The colour in dichroic glass is irridescent and shifts between two colours depending on viewing angle – like an opal or peacock feather. Front on blue dichroic glass; back on rainbow dichroic glass so colours will vary across the full spectrum ie: you’ll get a random colour.
  • Presented in a transparent silver gauze bag.
  • Codes are hosted at
  • The coin pictured is for reference only: approximately 7.5 mm thick by 1.25 inches square. As they are handmade variations will occur in shape, size and colour. Air bubbles are an intrinsic part of the design but unpredictable.

    backs cobalts MT
    on rainbow dichroic glass - colours will vary

    56 Responses to “Geoturtle Glass Geocoin pre-order #3”

    1. I would like to order 2 of the glass turtles please. Thank you, they are beautiful and I hope to get to see them in person! I’d also like to know when the lizard goes on sale as I’d like a couple of those. Thank you! Sonya

    2. would like to order a green

    3. sorry I can’t guarantee green as such – the back is just any of the rainbow colours on a random basis.

    4. I am interested in 1 glass turtle, please.

      We are in Sweden.

    5. I would like to order 2 please

    6. 2 more for me please. I’m a greedy pig!

    7. i would like two turtle coins.

      thanks ufgatorgirl

    8. I would like to order 4. Forum name is sunsetmeadowlark

    9. I would like to pre-order 5 of these,thanks! I’m located in Italy.kdv

    10. I am interested in 2 glass turtles in blue.
      How I can get them ?
      greetings from Berlin / Germany

    11. Hello there, I would like to order a glass turtle please. Cheers.

    12. Please place a reservation for 3 of your glass turtles for me.
      Thank you
      LJ (BVnLJ)

    13. Not sure if I’m doing this correctly. Very confusing so I’ll try again.
      I would like to order a Glass coin/pendent.

    14. I would love to own one of these beauties. Please invoice me if I make it into this final pre-order. (Hope this isn’t a duplicate.) – hollora = 1
      Lois-Ann Holmes said this on March 12, 2009 at 6:12 pm (edit)
      Please put me down for a two.
      tokencollector said this on March 12, 2009 at 6:55 pm (edit)
      I would love to have 2 of these, thank you
      summerandnana said this on March 12, 2009 at 8:46 pm (edit)
      I would love to own 1 if not 2 of these.
      Larry Overfors said this on March 12, 2009 at 9:58 pm (edit)
      Hi Carolyn, I’d love 6 of these beauties if I could and yes of course you can use my picture! I’m honored
      LoriDarlin said this on March 12, 2009 at 11:52 pm (edit)
      My geocaching name is ZenPanda. I’d like 3 coins please.
      ZenPanda said this on March 13, 2009 at 12:06 am (edit)
      EMSDanel here….. Classy glassy coins. Put me down for 2 please
      Dan Bahr said this on March 13, 2009 at 3:06 am (edit)

      oops I made two pages – fixed, comments transfered and limit reached – all further requests below this comment are queued.

    15. I would like to get 2 of them please

    16. I’ll take 2 please, thank you. They are lovely.
      Danean of ThePetersTrio

    17. I would like to get about 6 of these if at all possible.
      A few of these would be great in a silent auction at the Luau i will be hosting on 8-8-09.
      Caching name is River Cacher / Mike

    18. I would also like a pair of the turtles!

    19. I would like to pre-order 3 turtles please.

    20. I’d be interested in 1…
      very nice and very different…
      been lurking on the forums watching
      these since first mentioned…
      k. skwerl

    21. We would like 3 turtles ,Made in PA. We are also in PA.. Gotta have some..Thanks Jeff

    22. I would like 3 of these nice turtles.

      Very nice and original coin!!

    23. Love the turtle! Please put me down for one! Thanks

    24. Hey there, please put me down for 2. Great job!

      Thanks, DJSnarg

    25. i (smgsmg) would like 3 please

    26. I would like 2 of these please. Thanks Gr8caches

    27. I would like to order two of these beauties!

    28. I would love 2 of the turtles please

    29. I love the Red/Orange look and the Green/Yellow look, if this is possible I may like to order two more please one in each color.

    30. I would like to reserve 2 coins please, thanks!

    31. I would like to order 4.
      Forum name is Methospedia

    32. Gorgeous work. I’d sure like to order 2, too, but I think I’m too late. Please keep us up to date on the Forum (which you do – you’re great at that) and I will try to catch you next time.

    33. I would like to get 2 of these as well!

    34. If possible i would like to order one of the green glass coins, thank you, julia51:)

    35. Are you still taking orders? I have only just come across them and would love to order a couple to add to my collection.

    36. I’d like one please – stunning!

    37. I would like to order 3 of these turtle geocoins. Thank you, they are beautiful.

    38. Would love to order a few too!

    39. I would like to order 4 of these please !!!

    40. one for me please
      i love hand made geocoin.

    41. Hi, love the turtle, will tae two if you still have some available please.

    42. I would like to purchase one turtle, these are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for offering these!

    43. I would like two please.

    44. Wow, are any of these beautiful coins still available? If so, then I would very much like to purchase three.

    45. If it isn’t too late I’d love to order two turtles please. Thanks!

    46. If these are still available I would like one

    47. Hi, If these are still available, I too would be interested in one. Thanks.

    48. are the turtle coins still available I would like one

    49. if these are still available I would like to order 1. thanks Angermangement,

    50. I would love to see one show up at my door….Lauraluvsbng

    51. sorry guys sold out – the funds are committed, but the wait is tiring and i maintain a waiting list so if anyone wants to drop out I can add you from there. I may also have some to trade later – my own order gets filled last!

    52. I would love a pretty blue one. Just let me know the total for insurance in US.

    53. If you end up having any of these left over…ScottieScouts would like 2. If all gone, I understand – very cool coin. If you end up with any that had flaws and the tracking numbers didn’t turn out ok, I’d like to talk to you about those too (I do stained glass and it would be cool to use these even if not perfect/trackable. Thanks, Lori

    54. the last of the paid orders have been posted! There still remains a batch of 16 turtles (spoken for) which will be manufactured this year.

    55. Any left for sale or trade?

    56. Hello, love this geoturtle – is there someone who has too much of it and want to sell one?

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